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QuikGrid is a program which will read in a set of scattered data points .

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QuikGrid Description

Editor: QuickGrid is a program which will read in a set of scattered data points (x, y, z) which represents a surface. The program will generate a Grid from this data and then display the surface as a Contour map, or as a 3d representation. The left mouse button may be used to zoom in and pan about the display. The right mouse button may be used to display information about the generated grid coordinates and data points
# Fast: Generate a 200 by 200 grid from 15,000 data points in less than3 seconds on a 500Mhz Pentium.
# Big Data Sets: QuikGrid has been tested on 10 million data points generating a grid of size 3000x3000.
# 2d Contour Maps or 3d hidden surface display: Contours and data points may be displayed in either a 2d or 3d format.
# Meteorological data: Wind and direction may be displayed as wind arrows in the 2d view along with one other variable, for example a contour map showing air pressure.
# Customize your own copy by saving your own personal default configuration. Select your own colors for various features (grid lines, contour lines, etc).
# Query the program about surface features using the right mouse button.
# Zoom and Pan either the 2d or 3d display using the mouse or keyboard.
# Easy of use: QuikGrid uses reasonable defaults suitable for a wide range of data input.
# Edge/boundary detection:Automatically detects areas of the grid that contain no data points and will not generate a grid for those areas, nor contour or display them.
# DXF file output: Output the grid, contours or data points in DXF format for input into other programs. QuikGrid can output the grid and contour lines using the DXF LINE or POLYLINE formats. It can output the grid itself in the DXF 3DFACE format.
# Export the grid as an ER Mapper Raster Dataset or as a series of XYZ triplets.
# Export the grid as a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) file.
# View 1 degree USGS DEM files.

QuikGrid Screenshots

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What's New in QuikGrid 5.3

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QuikGrid Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

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